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Read Section 1: Earth in Space of Earth, Moon, Sun System Reading. Then, on a sheet of paper, answer questions 1-5 of the self-check at the end of section 1. You can download the reading below:

Monday, December 3rd - December 7th

This week you will be studying how American Indians lived before European exploration. You have three learning targets below. You are going to create evidence to show you understand each of them.

5 – U1.1.1 Use maps to locate peoples in the desert Southwest, the Pacific Northwest, the nomadic nations
of the Great Plains, and the woodland peoples east of the Mississippi River (Eastern Woodland).

5 – U1.1.2 Explain how American Indians in the desert Southwest and the Pacific Northwest adapted to
where they lived or changed their environment.

Guiding Questions:

Desert Southwest:
What was the habitat of the Pueblo like?

What was Pueblo clothing like?

How did the Pueblo hunt?

What did the Navajo eat and live in?

Pacific Northwest
What did the Chinook eat and live in?

Describe the culture of the Chinook.

What was the habitat of the California and Intermountain Seed Gatherers? What sort of home did they live in? What sort of food did they eat? What sort of weapons did they have?

5 – U1.1.3 Describe Eastern Woodland American Indian life. Explain how their government worked and what their families were like. Explain how they felt about trade and what their views on property ownership and land use were.

Use the links below to research the learning targets above. Takes notes in your paper packet to help you remember what you learned so that you will be ready when you create your evidence.

Link 1

Link 2